Funny Articles

I’m a regular contributor to where I ‘ve written many humorous articles. Cancer is a serious business, but I’ve learned to laugh at it nevertheless. See sample articles below:

Move Over ‘Scanxiety,’ There’s a New Cancer-Related Anxiety in Town!

It’s called “snack-xiety” and Ron couldn’t escape its clutches.

A Bucket List? Even A Poor Guy Like Me Can Dream!

But Ron might just have to downsize his expectations due to a modest bank account. Let’s see what he has in mind.

Fun’ and ‘Cancer’ Can Go Together

Ron recalls one hilarious Halloween when the radiation center’s staff helped him realize that its OK to have fun.

A Cancer Survivor Embraces a New Career as a ‘Sit-Down Comedian’

“Did you hear the one about the cancer procedure that went terribly wrong?” “It turned out to be a ‘bi-oopsie!’”

COVID-19 Pandemic Phrases: ‘Quarantini,’ ‘Doomscrolling’ and more!

A lighthearted look from Ron on the phrases that we’ve learned of, or made up, during the COVID-19 pandemic.