Cancer vs. Covid

Cancer and Covid enter a church.
Covid: “I am God!”
Cancer: (suddenly splitting into three) “I am the Trinity!”

Covid: Look how people fear me.
Cancer: You don’t scare me.
Covid: Hey, didn’t I just hear you cough!?

Cancer, Covid and an opera singer walk into a bar.
Cancer: I’m the “Big C!”
Covid: No, I’m the “Big C!”
Singer: Ahem, boys, I’m a “High C!”

Covid: I own 2022!
Cancer: Hah, I’ll best you this year. Omicron will be history soon.
Covid: Remember, I own the Greek alphabet.
Cancer: I don’t care one “iota!”

Cancer: How do you sleep at night?
Covid: Like a baby!
Cancer: Yeah, but what about on the cellular level?

©Ron Cooper 2022